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Hemingway Double CD - Music and Audiobook

Hemingway is a concept album, in the truest sense. The musical album is made of five masterfully-written songs and a hidden track, that each tells a story. The accompanying audiobook of short stories reveals the links between the songs, as they communicate an underlying, cohesive allegory about the inseparable nature of good and evil in the world and the driving force of human choice that determines the expression of that good and evil. Produced by Dan Johnson and Adam Odor, the album was recorded at Camp Mabry Military Base, in Austin, TX, with additional tracks being recorded and mixed at Yellow Dog Studios in Wimberley, TX.

Hemingway Paperback Book with Digital Album Download

A modern-day soldier, running from the confining paradise of the Florida Keys, finds himself crushed by guilt and unable to acclimate to the civilian world around him.


A reluctant Texas outlaw makes his living on gunpowder and lead, selling his only real talent across the Old West, until a hit turned tragically wrong makes him face what he has become.


A privileged teenage girl's first love abandons her, leading her to a heartbreaking, coast to coast journey of self-discovery.


A jaded smuggler succumbs to the Siren’s Song, but his last chance at love and redemption threatens to rip him apart like a ship on the jagged rocks.


And a half Native-American love child of a Pentecostal preacher is wagered in a deal with the Devil, chasing his mother's soul through a battleground of conflicting cultures and his father's rage.


Hemingway, a collaboration by singer-songwriter Dan Johnson and acclaimed novelist and journalist Travis Erwin, is a collection of stories, inspired by Johnson's album of the same name. The gripping narrative follows five unique tales and five wildly diverse characters, whose lives are unpredictably interwoven across time. The stories serve as a companion to the music and expound on the dialectical impact of decisions made or passed up. What is Good? What is Evil? And can we ever really know the difference until years, even generations have passed?

The book includes a forward by legendary Texas songwriter, Walt Wilkins, as well as a download code for the digital, mp3 version of the album. 

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Available Everywhere July 27th!

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